The international trade law and consulting firm of Davis & Leiman PC, located in Washington, DC with an associated office in China, focuses on the representation of companies with international trade problems.  Practice areas include U.S. trade litigation, particularly antidumping and countervailing duties investigations and administrative reviews, as well as customs compliance and litigation, and international commercial arbitration.
While there are several firms in Washington, DC that offer international trade assistance, Davis & Leiman stands out among the others.  Davis & Leiman is a small, specialty law firm with a singular focus on international trade.  We have acted in a large variety of investigations, involving imports from numerous countries.  These advantages work to increase the quality and efficiency of the legal representation while significantly reducing the client’s cost.  Additionally, some of the most well-respected law firms in Washington also retain our services to assist with complex trade matters.

The legal professionals at Davis & Leiman provide efficient, high quality service.  We have never had a client assigned an "adverse facts available" dumping rate (which is the punitive rate imposed if a company is not prepared or cannot verify its responses).  In nearly every case, our clients have obtained rates lower than the average, and have always been very pleased with our services.  At the same time, the experience and specialization of the firm's members and the firm's low overhead permit Davis & Leiman to provide top tier services at a moderate cost. 

This makes legal representation in complex antidumping cases available to companies who otherwise could not afford the high costs involved.  Our clients range from public companies with annual sales measured in hundreds of millions of US dollars to small, family-owned businesses.  We enjoy the variety of products we come to understand, as well as getting to know our clients, each with a unique set of concerns and issues.

The firm’s philosophy is that clients must be treated with respect and fully informed of all aspects of the issue at hand.  The firm’s members seek to explain clearly to the client the procedures and outline the various alternatives, strategies, uncertainties and risks.   We will never assume an issue is too important or too difficult to be considered and understood by the client.  We recognize our client as the owner of the case, and as such the client must be respected and fully informed. 

Mark D. Davis and Karmi Leiman are the principals of Davis & Leiman, PC.  The firm’s association with experienced Chinese lawyer Michael Chen gives the firm a direct presence in China, and greatly facilitates communication and on-site work.  Together they provide over 40 years of international trade experience.  Biographies of the firm's professionals can be found by clicking on the "Professionals" link.



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