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There are several law firms, big and small, in Washington D.C. and elsewhere that offer legal services to Chinese companies in U.S. antidumping investigations.  In this crowded and competitive market, Davis & Leiman believes that your company should engage our services for the following reasons:   

Specialty and High Quality.  Davis & Leiman P.C. is a specialty law firm, a “boutique,” with an emphasis on antidumping cases.  We have acted in a large variety of investigations, involving imports of many commodities from China and from numerous other countries.   This is all we do, and we do it well.  In nearly every case, our clients have obtained rates lower than the average, and have always been very pleased with our services.
专业化和高质量  戴维斯·雷曼律师事务所律师事务所是一家专业从事代理反倾销案件的律师事务所。我们代理过大量的反倾销调查案件,包括从中国和其它国家进口的各种各样的产品。代理反倾销案件是我们的全部业务,我们因此很专业。几乎在我们所代理的每一个案件中,我们的客户都会获得低于平均税率的税率,并且对我们的服务十分满意。
Chosen by Those Who Know.  It is difficult for a prospective client to compare various law firms and evaluate their skill.  Other lawyers know our work and our reputation, therefore, Davis & Leiman is often chosen by other law firms in Washington D.C. to take on subcontract legal work in China and elsewhere. 
同行律师的首选合作伙伴  对于中国的公司来讲,从众多的律师事务所中进行对比并对他们的业务能力进行评估是一件较为困难的事情。但是了解情况的同行律师们由于了解我们的工作水平和信誉,因此华盛顿的其它律师事务所经常会将他们所承揽的反倾销案件转委托给戴维斯·雷曼律师事务代理或聘请我们的律师从事案件的代理工作。
Easy Communication Channel.  U.S. antidumping cases are presented in Washington D.C., and our U.S. lawyers have many years of experience, including work inside the U.S. government.  At the same time, the firm has a Chinese speaking lawyer who resides in China, thus it ensures our clients will communicate efficiently without language and culture barriers. 
通畅的沟通渠道   美国反倾销案件都会在华盛顿进行处理,我们的美国律师对此有着多年的工作经验,曾经在美国商务部内部工作过多年。与此同时,戴维斯·雷曼律师事务所律师事务所有以汉语为母语且长期在中国工作的律师。这样确保我们和中国客户的沟通之间不会有任何语言文化上的障碍和耽搁。
Efficient and Economical.  Many companies believe that antidumping cases are so expensive that they will have to leave the U.S. market rather than bear the cost of the defense.  Because we are small and specialized, we have low overhead and pass on the cost savings to our clients.  And because we are experienced, we do not need to spend time doing research or “learning” the law.  We know antidumping law, and we know how to get our clients the very best result possible. As a result, our legal services are very affordable.
高效率和收费适中   许多公司认为反倾销案件的费用高昂,它们会因无力承担律师费用只好放弃美国市场。由于我们是一家规模小且高度专业化的律师事务所,我们的管理和行政费用较低,因为我们是专业化的律师事务所,我们已经熟悉反倾销法,我们也知道让我们的客户获得最有利的结果的方法,我们无需花费时间去重新学习。因此,我们的收费合理适中。
Respect for our Clients. The firm’s philosophy is that clients must be treated with respect.  The firm=s members seek to explain clearly to the client the procedures and outline the various alternatives, strategies, uncertainties, and risks.   We will never assume an issue is too important or too difficult to be considered and understood by the client.  We recognize our client as the owner of the case, and as such the client must be respected and fully informed.
尊重我们的客户   我们律师事务所的宗旨是,必须尊重每一个客户。律师事务所的律师力求向客户清楚地说明整个工作程序,并且分析可能的方案、策略、不确定因素和风险。我们不会因为认为某个问题过于复杂而排斥客户的参与。我们认为 客户是案件的主导者,因此他们必须获得尊重且对案情有充分的了解和控制。
The firm's professionals include:
Mark D. Davis, professor of law (part-time) at American University, Georgetown University and Brigham Young University, and who has lectured at law schools throughout China. He has more than twenty five years of experience in defending antidumping investigation.
戴维斯律师 美国大学、乔治亚大学和杨伯翰大学的兼职法律教授,曾经在中国的很多法学院讲授过课程。具有二十五年的代理反倾销案件的工作经验。

Karmi Leiman, former senior international trade analyst at the U.S. Department of Commerce with over seventeen years of experience in conducting and defending antidumping cases

雷曼律师 美国商务部国际贸易前资深分析师,具有十七年的代表美国商务部和代理客户进行反倾销调查的工作经验。
Michael Chen, founding dean of Department of Law at Nanjing Agricultural University, licensed to practice in both China and the United States, and author of many legal books and training manuals. 
陈茂律师  南京农业大学法律系首任系主任,在中美两国都获得了律师执业资格,并且是多本法律书籍和培训资料的作者。具有十年律师执业经验。
Together they provide many years of antidumping experience as well as other legal experience in China.          

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